Environmental task at Fayard

We have just completed an environmental task at Fayard in Odense.

The Portuguese containership Victoria – which in February went aground northwest of Fynshoved and punched a hole in several tanks – is now in for repair at Fayard in Odense. Here we had an urgent task of helping to protect the dock and the environment from oil spill from the ship.

Norisols work consisted of covering parts of the dock with heavy plastic, so that oil pollution could be avoided. We worked fast and flexible Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and no less than 4,600 m² plastic was laid out and secured the 250m long and 44 m wide dock.

Even though the measurements were taken, the grounding still caused an oil slip in Storebælt and there was still around 200 tons of oil left in the ship’s tanks.

The majority of the remaining oil is now removed and Fayard is in the process of welding new steel, where the old steel sheets were ripped up.

Thanks to our talented and flexible employees, we could do the job on-time and resolve the issue for the client.

Call our specialized department: Poul-Erik Nielsen, Senior Project Manager, +45 25 25 92 02