Alu & Stål Norisol
Alu & Stål Norisol

Aesthetics, functionalism and economy all come together

Together with glass, steel sheet and aluminium cladding form a large part of the elements that make up modern building work and this development will probably continue in time to come. Some people may have the prejudice that steel cladding is only suited for industry and factory buildings. Nothing could be more wrong.

For many people living in blocks of flats built in the sixties and seventies the housing environment has improved considerably in recent years. Re-insulation has been carried out and roofs have been improved – all with the help of steel panels as an attractive and functional solution.

Façade renovation using steel sheet cladding can actually change the character of a building from looking a bit worn and sad into appearing completely new. The possibilities are many and only fantasy is the limit. Steel sheet cladding comes in many colours and with various profiles.

Using steel sheet cladding you are sure to have a maintenance free and very robust façade. And in addition, façade cladding offers a possibility of carrying out an effective and environment friendly re-insulation of the building.

We have a lot of experience with façade cladding, whether it comes to simple solutions like cladding traditional buildings or we are talking about complicated production facilities. You can process steel sheet cladding so it fits even round buildings.

Norisol has the equipment and the knowledge needed, and obviously we solve the task as it is ordered by the customer or his counsellor but we can also offer to dimension all structures, give advice and work out exciting solutions.