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A safe solution against fire

Fire insulation and fire protection are important issues of the safety measures in all kinds of buildings today, and the legal demands are increasing.

Norisol is en effective partner when it comes to fulfilling the toughest fire demands. We offer all kinds of fire technical insulation solutions and carry out jobs in all types of traditional buildings, at power stations and refineries, and in the shipbuilding and offshore industries.

Ducts and lead-ins for installations in walls or storey partitions are places with great risk of fires spreading unnecessarily. It is important to prevent fire and flue gas from spreading to adjacent rooms or floors through a complete sealing of openings around ducts and lead-ins. We choose the sealing method in accordance with the given situation and several options are available.

Fire slabs cut to fit completely around the lead-in may be used. Or fire bricks which also have good sound reducing properties. When steel pipes with insulation are lead through partitions we are able to carry through the insulation using various kinds of fire bushings. In case of inflammable lead-ins like for instance plastic pipes which will melt if exposed to fire, we use fire sleeves. These are lined with a non-flammable material which turns into foam and enlarges and thus closes the hole in case of fire.

When the load bearing structures of a building are made of steel a fireproofing to BS60 is often required which means that the building parts must be resistant to fire for at least 60 minutes.
Effective fireproofing of the load bearing structures of buildings considerably reduces the risk of collapses in connection with fires. In each case Norisol’s technicians work out which methods and materials to use in order to fulfill the fire demands.
For fire protection of steel structures we use special mineral wool products. Where structures are visible we can often choose materials which are ready for filling and painting.

Norisol uses MK approved fire protection solutions only, both in connection with installation lead-ins and with visible and non-visible load bearing building structures. All fire sealings of installation lead-ins are registered and documented.