Containerbolig indretning
CPH container Norisol

Building with shipping containers: Economical, flexible and fast


Building with shipping containers solves a great challenge: It is cheap and the alteration work can be done at a factory thus minimising the risk of mistakes.


The modules are designed to be easy to move, built on top of each other, next to each other and in a way that ensures fast reestablishment of the area vacated. The containers can be used for housing, office buildings, personnel sheds and much more.
Our special expertise within façade cladding contributes to us being able to give the building the exact aesthetical appearance required.


We are able to help speed up the building process. It is construction without need for foundations and therefore the installation time is much shorter than for traditional building work. A module can be delivered and installed in approx. 4-6 weeks from receipt of final order.


The shipping containers we use have been used around the world for their original purpose for up to 10 years. Normally, it would cost quite some money to scrap the containers for reutilisation, now the process is prolonged for up to 20 years. We actually speak of up-cycling as the reused materials increase in value, and the energy consumption for the alteration work is minimal. Naturally, the buildings are insulated thus meeting our mission of reducing the energy consumption.


Our modules meet the demands of the Danish building regulations on fire safety, soundproofing, acoustics and energy consumption and therefore may be used for permanent as well as temporary buildings. Subsequently, using containers also offers a possibility of building temporary housing at places that have not yet been developed.


Whether building tall or wide it is possible to upscale or downscale the buildings as needed. In principle, it is possible to build an entire town and move it from place to place. This adds new possibilities as regards the immediate lack of for instance youth housing and housing for refugees.