CSR Norisol
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Social responsibility as part of the core business

Our CSR policy focuses on our responsibility in a global and societal perspective including human rights, employee rights, social conditions, environment and work environment.
Social responsibility is an integrated part of our company. Norisol’s business model basically focuses on the positive impact on society by technical insulation. Norisol’s CSR efforts are business driven and supplement the core business as the corporate social responsibility has been adapted to the strategies, challenges and market relations of the company.
All our employees work determinedly to support our ambitious CSR policy. Internally the personal and professional development of our dedicated employees is a central focus point.

Workforce of the future
Our employees are our biggest asset and the core of our service. We can only succeed if our employees develop their competences in pace with the increasing demands of our customers, and we always have the right employees with the right competences.
We focus on educating and shaping the next generation of young people within the professions we as contractors are able to offer. We find it of great value to continually taking on apprentices and attaching trainees to the company.

Health, safety and welfare
We wish to be one of the leading companies within the safety and health areas. Zero accidents within all fields is our aim.
The link between our business model and sustainability is the leading foundation in Norisol’s core business and value chain.
Norisol’s solutions contribute to sustainable building work and production and are measurable within three dimensions: The economical, the social and the environmental dimension.
Code of Conduct
Our code of conduct ensures ethical responsibility. All employees and business partners are obliged to keeping our code of conduct.