Design -
3D aptering Norisol

The right solution from the start

Our Design Department helps transforming the customer’s needs and wishes into actual products which we produce at our own workshop. We visualise products and complete accommodation solutions digitally and often supply physical samples of chosen materials.

Standard products like berths, tables, cupboards and shelves are often ordered according to the customer’s specific measures. And if lack of space or deformations is a problem our skillful cabinet makers and designers are able to find an uncompromising solution which will fit into the existing design.

Extensive alterations often mean having to take many large decisions on practical as well as design matters. In these cases we offer to make drawings of the whole interior area making us able – in cooperation with the customer – to develop a solution where all aspects have been considered. Thus the client gets the possibility of seeing the result, presenting it to other parties, and ad suggestions or alterations. This is part of optimising the process from idea to finished result and ensures that the customer gets the right solution from the start.

We offer design and 3D visualisation of single products as well as complete outfitting solutions according to our client’s wishes and needs.