It has been a great day in Hammerfest today. The waiting time is over and Goliath came home from Korea this morning after about 65 days at sea. The flags have been up in town and ENI Norway has celebrated with cake and speeches.
Norisol is in place at the Polar Base in hook-up phase (Goliat Project) where we are represented by a man on warehouse / logistics. In addition there is one man on scaffolding / TT. Our core team for Goliath Operation (3 man) are also mobilized and running and waiting for an opportunity to get on board. Tomorrow morning they travel on a scaffold / TT job to be performed for Aibel / Technip.

We are rolling up the sleeves for a new era in the north. And look forward to the upcoming activities in the Barents Sea, which Norisol are so lucky to be a part of. The picture is taken just outside Polarbase where the field should be pulled by Dockwise Vanguard. The next operation is to pull Goliath further few hundred meters into a cove, where it should be consolidated in a so called Fjord Phase.