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Technical Insulation – The fastest way to energy savings

Technical insulation is a comprehensive area of competence. With our wide experience we offer professional so-lutions against heat loss, cold loss, noise and fire.

Effective heat and cold insulation gives quick results on the economy side. The pay-back time on investments in technical insulation is surprisingly short and naturally these investments also improve the environmental ac-counts as they reduce the CO2 emissions considerably.

The choice of insulation material varies according to the character of the task, the temperature of the contents and the surrounding temperature and where the plants are situated. We carry out insulation on all types of pipe installations, cold storages, ventilation and cooling plants, ships, tank plants, thermal envelope etc.

Often cladding of the insulation material is necessary – both for the sake of durability and technical reasons, weather conditions or demands on hygiene properties, but also for aesthetic reasons. Metal sheet cladding is mostly used but it may also be various kinds of coatings, PVC foil etc. We produce metal sheet cladding at our own work shops which are equipped with modern machinery and tools for working of all types of sheet metal.

We make it easy for you and handle everything from project engineering and dimensioning to execution of the work and whether the projects include new plants, conversions, renovation or maintenance. In cooperation with our customers we find the optimum solutions for the specific tasks. Our effective project teams headed by competent project managers ensure that the contracts are carried out within the agreed-upon time and at the agreed quality and price. We verify the effect of our initiatives with technical calculations, thermography, and reverberation and noise measurements.