Kulde og Amaflex - Norisol
Kulde og amaflex - Norisol

Minimize Cold Losses

Correct choice and installation of insulation material is of great importance to the efficiency of cooling plants, economy and maintenance.

Armaflex is a high quality cellular insulation material with an attractive black surface which especially shows when it is correctly installed according to the directions and by skilled fitters. Insulation with Armaflex minimizes condensation which is one of the big challenges in connection with cooling systems. The insulation material much be dimensioned for the specific system taking temperature and humidity into account.
Norisol ensures the optimum result with cold loss and energy calculations according to DS452 prior to choosing materials and commencing the work. Pipes and other equipment must be cleaned for rust and treated with rust-preventing coating before installation of the insulation material.

Norisol’s specially trained fitters measure, cut and install the insulation material so that it fits snugly everywhere and have as few joints as possible.

The attractive black surface of the Armaflex is enhanced by applying a special polish which also is cleaning-friendly.

Contact Norisol for further information on insulation of cooling plants with Armaflex.