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Experts in sound insulation

Sound absorbent wall and ceiling panels as well as suspended noise baffles are effective solutions to acoustic problems in existing rooms and where it is not possible to sound insulate the source of the noise itself e.g. by enclosing it.

The best possible use of the acoustic qualities of noise absorbent panels is obtained when they are placed with intervals and divided among walls and ceiling thus dampening the noise reflections in the three main directions of the room.

Norisol’s experts on acoustics carry out reverberation measurements and dimension the ex-tent and the type of noise regulating measures necessary to meet the regulations concerning reverberation time set out by the authorities. An acoustic regulation in itself is not a noise attenuation, but often a regulation will reduce the general noise level by 3-5 dBA. This is be-cause the noise is absorbed by the added amount of absorption material.

Sound absorbent panels and baffles are produced in various sizes and with surfaces suitable for the conditions in question and they will form a decorative part of the interior of the room.

At workshops and production rooms it is often sharp and hammering sounds which are considerably reduced after installation of sound insulating materials. Plastic coated noise panels may be used in the food processing industry and in rooms where it is necessary to hose sur-faces down and clean them, or which are damp for other reasons.

If it is awkward to suspend baffles from the ceiling, for instance due to machinery or equip-ment, Norisol has developed a special wire system enabling us to draw out the baffles and distribute them evenly across the surface of the ceiling.

At many childcare institutions, noise is a big problem. – Norisol’s acoustics experts cannot stop the children from making noise, however it is a fact that good acoustics make it easier to hear and understand what others are saying. This automatically makes the children lower their voices.

We always base our measurements on the actual situation. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have problems with noise at your company or institution. Our acoustics experts should be pleased to propose a suitable solution.