Pladeværksted - Norisol
Pladeværksted - Norisol



Often cladding of the insulation material is necessary – both for the sake of durability and technical reasons, weather conditions or demands on hygiene properties, but also for aesthetic reasons. Metal sheet cladding is mostly used but it may also be various kinds of coatings, PVC foil etc. We produce metal sheet cladding at our own work shops which are equipped with modern machinery and tools for working of all types of sheet metal.

Some cutting and modification work cannot be done mechanically. This is where our skilled work-shop employees take over with their impressive craftsmanship and do the work by hand.

In addition to the sheet metal workshops we have sewing workshops where custom-made insulation pads are produced. The pads are often produced for engine and exhaust parts, valves etc. and are designed to be reusable and with easy access to metes and controls.


We custom make to measure, cut, bend and supply all types of profiles and coverings in sizes, materials and colours according to your choice – and in lengths up to 4 metres..


Our furniture workshop produces a wide range of high-quality furniture for all types of ships. The workshop produces fixed furniture for cabins, mess rooms, restaurants, lounges, bars, bridges, laundries etc. Often we supply complete furniture packages to our customers.

Apart from furniture for ships we supply interior decoration solutions for offshore and maritime related companies.

Our state-of-the-art CNC controlled production equipment enables us to mass produce furniture according to our customers’ preferences as regards materials and colours. Depending on the character of the ships and projects we also produce custom-made furniture in laminate and many different sorts of wood.

Our talented cabinet makers also do decoration jobs where wood is carved and decorated according to traditional methods.