Solar Park – Heat Loss Insulation


DESCRIPTION Main pipes In connection with construction of a 16.6 MWt solar heat and biomass plant in Denmark, Norisol carried out insulation of the pipes carrying the heat transporting medium. The correct type of insulation meant that the internal temperature of 312°C was maintained and the most efficient utilisation [...]

Scrubbers – Heat Insulation


DESCRIPTION Insulation of Scrubbers One of Norisol's business partners has great success with producing scrubbers which are mechanical air cleaning systems that reduce the emission of sulphur dioxide from the exhaust systems of ships to the atmosphere. The scrubbers are insulated prior to installation on the ships Norisol installs [...]

Accommodation, Insulation and Outfitting on SWATH Vessel


DESCRIPTION Supply and installation of accommodation, insulation, interiors and various equipment on composite vessel Swath vessels are often used for transportation of personnel from shore to sea based activities like for instance the oil & gas industry or offshore wind turbines. Over a three year period Norisol [...]

Interior Fittings of Fishing Vessel


DESCRIPTION Complete Interior Fitting of Newbuilt Fishing Vessel Prosperity in fishery means building of new vessels for the industry. In cooperation with Norisol the customer chose to prioritise more sound insulation and high quality interior outfitting in cabins and galley of this fishing vessel. Together we found [...]

Noise reduction and acoustic control – Indoor


DESCRIPTION Reduction of noise from production line Norisol was given the task of creating noise reducing measures in connection with a process line at a manufacturing company. The process line is continuous which creates certain demands to the design and ventilation of each individual process unit when the noise enclosures [...]

Insulation and Scaffolding for Ice Water Tank at Dairy


DESCRIPTION Replacement of insulation on ice water tank at dairy A large dairy discovered that the insulation material on an ice water tank had become soaked with water and collapsed and contacted Norisol for a solution to the problem. After having dismounted the trapezoidal steel sheeting and the old wet [...]

Insulation and Cladding at Biorefinery in Norway


DESCRIPTION Insulation and cladding of drying chamber with adjoining ducts and pipes at biorefinery. The drying chamber are in three sections with a total height of 30 metres and a diameter of 11 metres. The insulation material is mineral wool and cladding is trapezoidal profiled sheet metal. Part [...]

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