Project Description


Reduction of noise from production line
Norisol was given the task of creating noise reducing measures in connection with a process line at a manufacturing company. The process line is continuous which creates certain demands to the design and ventilation of each individual process unit when the noise enclosures and screens are installed.

Norisol solved the task by installing two 205 metres high and partly closed sound houses around the stamping machines. The sound houses are made of 60 mm polycarbonate against the existing construction and furnished with doors, gates and air and noise locks.

In order to comply with the rules for acoustics of the Danish Working Environment Authority, acoustic control was established by using 50 mm acoustic panels.


Time of execution:
2015 – 2018

The project was carried out continuously over several years and was initiated by legal requirement of the Danish Working Environment Authority.
The noise reduction around the process line is estimated at 15-20 decibels.