Project Description


Insulation of Scrubbers
One of Norisol’s business partners has great success with producing scrubbers which are mechanical air cleaning systems that reduce the emission of sulphur dioxide from the exhaust systems of ships to the atmosphere.

The scrubbers are insulated prior to installation on the ships
Norisol installs distance pieces, insulation mats and sheet metal cladding which is custom-made at our own sheet metal workshop.
inally, specially designed insulation pads produced at our sewing workshop are installed. The insulation pads are made to fit the specific scrubber type and are placed at the inlets, outlets and man holes of the scrubber.


Time of Execution:
The project with insulation of scrubbers are expected to run continuously over the coming years.

Depending on type each scrubber are clad with 105-150 square metres of insulation material and sheet metal cladding.