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We carry out insulation work on all types of ships

Ships have a high need for insulation and fire safety requirements demand that the work is carried out very carefully.

Soundproofing is another area which has a high priority as the structure of a ship is often ideal for transmitting unwelcome noise.

Norisol has many years of experience in marine insulation and our skilled insulation fitters can carry out both fireproofing and soundproofing tasks in accordance with the latest directives from Solas, Lloyds and DNV.

One of the big challenges in marine insulation is presented by the many technical installations and the cramped space available. The latter factor, in particular, places great demands on the ability of the fitters to work independently as much of what is needed is not standardised and must be custom-made for the task in hand.

Marine insulation also places great demands on planning since as much as possible must be prepared on land and afterwards freighted on board and installed.

Besides comfort insulation, a great deal of insulation is required on board ships for pipe systems and exhaust systems with subsequent sheet metal cladding. We prefabricate the cladding according to measurements at our own sheet metal workshops.

It is important that fire and smoke cannot spread from one location on board a ship to another. Much safety on board therefore relies on fireproof and watertight doors. Consequently, it is extra important that the ducts from technical installations are always fireproof and airtight to prevent fire and smoke from spreading.

Norisol has many years of experience in working in collaboration with numerous Danish shipyards to insulate newbuilds as well as renovating existing ships from small fishing vessels to yachts, ferries and cruise liners.

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