Specialværksted - Norisol
Specialværksted - Norisol

High-quality furniture for all types of ships

Our furniture factory produces a wide range of high-quality furniture for all types of ships and in IMO approved materials. The factory produces all types of fixed furniture for cabins, mess halls, restaurants, lounges, bars, bridges, laundries etc. We produce the furniture at our own workshop and it is fitted onboard the vessel by our skilled fitters.

In addition to furniture for ships we produce outfitting solutions for offshore and maritime related businesses and specialised furniture for onshore companies.

The factory’s CNC controlled production equipment makes us able to optimise the production and produce furniture costomised to the customer’s preferences in material and colour.

Apart from quality, good craftsmanship and flexibility one of our strengths is delivering furniture within a very short period of time if you chose one of our six standard laminates or other materials we always keep in stock.