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Optimum solutions and always with safety as highest priority

We build usable and flexible scaffolding – and always put safety first

Our services include

  • Industrial scaffolds
  • Suspended scaffolds
  • Mobile scaffolds
  • Façade scaffolds
  • Work platforms
  • Hoists
  • Enclosures
  • Weather protection
  • Welding enclosures

Our service packet includes various types of cover systems and enclosures for a wide variety of purposes. This could be weather protection, debris protection and welding enclosures. Hoists, lifts, debris chutes and work platforms are also available.

A large part of our work is within the industrial, construction and oil & gas sectors. Thus our customers are manufacturing companies, power plants, refineries, ship yards, building companies, oil and gas companies etc.

We understand our customers’ need for flexibility and creativeness when it comes to making the best use of their scaffolds. We know the importance of keeping time schedules and gladly offer advice as to how various trades can use the same scaffold most efficiently. Or how existing scaffolds can be extended or altered and used for different requirements.

We have our own +8 scaffolding system at our disposal. It is flexible and stable and ensures optimum and safe working conditions for the users.
Safety has top priority at Norisol, and our safety standards are extremely high. Our well educated scaffolders and project managers take great pride in living up to these standards. They are aware of their responsibility to deliver safe and reliable working conditions and at the same time strive to find innovative and cost-effective solutions for each and every task. We have special computer programs to help design and calculate the best solutions.

Contact us – we should be pleased to offer creative and usable suggestions for your next scaffolding job. Our experience and special IT programs together with a very flexible and safe scaffolding system means that – together with you – we find the best solutions – also where access is complicated.

Our effective project teams headed by our competent project managers ensure that the projects are carried out at the agreed time, quality and price.