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Specially developed tank insulation

Tank insulation is a discipline which demands a high degree of experience as well as the necessary expertise.

Especially insulation of large tanks for industrial purposes such as storage tanks and accumulation tanks can be a complicated task. Norisol carries out insulation of tanks of all sizes and shapes and we treat each project individually.

We have developed a suspended frame construction for insulation and cladding of tank walls which reduces the use of welding to a minimum. The system absorbs movements of the cladding due to variation in temperature.

Insuflex Tanktop Insulation
We also offer a new flexible and energy saving method for insulation of tank tops without need for production stoppage. Built-in inspection hatches make control of tank material easy.

  • The insulation work is carried out while the tank is still in operation. No welding is needed.
  • The PIR insulation boards used are highly effective.
  • Complete tightness and no cold bridges.
  • Simple marking and skid-proof walking areas.
  • Inspection hatches can be installed without damaging the insulation or the tightness of the surface.
  • Flexible membranes and sealants allow for expansion and contraction of the roof top due to temperature changes.
  • Documented properties and references.
  • Approved in all prevalent fire tests.

Contact us for creative and useful suggestions for your tank insulation task. Let us calculate how much energy – and money – you can save and what the payback time of your investment is. Our experience and specially developed tank insulation methods ensure that, together with you, we find the optimum solution.