Tombak - No
Tombak - Norisol

Exciting type of material with an attractive expression

TOMBAK is a cobber-like and very ductile type of metal which – as opposed to cobber – does not become coated with verdigris. The metal is dark brown and consists of an alloy of zinc and minimum 80% cobber.

The material is easy to work, the corrosion resistance is good and it is therefore very suitable for façade cladding. The colour varies from reddish to gold yellowish and with its brown tones creates a warm effect. Due to its content of zinc, Tombak does not become coated with green verdigris with time like traditional cobber.

Tombak is on its way back in the townscape. Maybe because the material has become popular with leading architects. A good example is the “Kvæsthus Project” which Norisol was part of.

At the Kvæsthus Pier in Copenhagen you find Ofelia Square which is part of the Kvæsthus Project. Seven golden pavilions – of which some serve as elevators to the underground parking facility – rise from the ground. The pavilions are clad with Tombak.

The Kvæsthus Pier has a surface of dark concrete with a pattern of shallow cuts. The surface continues north and south of the Royal Playhouse and is the most important main concept. The simple design marks the function as a quay against the harbour of the past as well as the recreational area of the future stretching in the sun.

The Tombak on the pavilions patinates beautifully and brown by wind and weather. The alloy of the Tombak respectfully resembles that of the distinctive fly tower of the Playhouse which has the same cladding. And which reminds you of the historical cobber roofs of the city – in a new version. The choice of material is of utmost importance to creating coherence and forming a whole on the long pier.