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Heat insulation is good for the economy – and for the climate

Effective heat insulation gives quick results on the economy side and also improves the environmental accounts.

When producing heat – whether as the primary production or created as a natural consequence of another production, this heat almost always has to be conducted away from the heat source. Often the heat is to be used away from where it is produced. Therefore it is led through pipe systems or ducts and this should be done with the least possible heat loss.

Norisol knows how to insulate effectively. It is not always sufficient just to insulate, it has to be carried out in the correct way using the correct materials. Also, there may be legal demands to take into account. Therefore, we at Norisol always consider every new task as something special, objectively judging which insulation demands must be fulfilled before recommending which methods and which materials should be used making the effect of the insulation as optimum as possible. Typical materials used for heat insulation are various kinds of mineral wool and ceramic fibre material.

Heat insulation may also be that the heat source must be encapsulated in order to prevent the heat from inconveniencing the surroundings, for instance at workplaces. In these cases it is also important that the insulation appears with a suitable surface. It may be that the surface must fulfill demands concerning hygiene or that special weather conditions have to be considered. At the same time the surface should appear decorative and nice to look at.

At Norisol we use various types of cladding. Mostly used is sheet metal cladding which is prefabricated in our own workshops and subsequently installed on site by our skilled fitters. The material could be aluminium, stainless steel or galvanized steel, possibly profiled or with a colour treatment. But also PVC cladding, reinforced aluminium foil, paperboard and cloth, special paint and custom-made insulation pads are used depending on purpose and of course the customer’s wishes.